Note: This article is the second part of a series related to the Recruiting the Perfect Employee. Check out TOPIQ Pty Ltd.’s LinkedIn page or the articles section of for more details.

Do not start by writing a generic job description that includes a myriad of things that the employee may be tasked with. Candidates frequently come across these and they easily stand out as being lazily crafted, often times they find them overwhelming, and quite frequently, the job itself did not actually require all of the skills.

Instead of using generically recycled material, determine who is your ideal employee first.

Take more than just skills into consideration. Outline the type of projects the candidates may be assigned to, the education or certifications they must possess (certifications can easily weed out many unqualified candidates), the location radius they must reside in so they don’t have to be in traffic every day, your willingness to help them move if they live too far, the type of personality that fits other employees in your company, the type of personality the employee must have against their clients, the communication skills and presentation required if they are customer facing, a simple list of the top 3 must have skills for the job – whatever they may be, which other teams they will be interacting with, your salary range, how the work they will put in will impact the world in a positive way, any tests they must complete in order to get the job, etc.

Despite sounding a bit long, this list will not only help you write the job description but will also assist you with the initial interview process, getting the employee excited about your company, feel the need to compete for the job, perform any tests that may be needed to get the job (we will explore these in a later article), be more willing during salary negotiations, etc.

This may take you a few minutes but trust us, performing the above will make your job easier moving forward.