Our consultants will review your current IT strategic goals, review your current operations practices by performing a small scale audit with relevant staff.

We will then leverage industry best practices, provide advice, listen to your feedback, adjust, and determine what the best course of action is for your organization.

Upon review, we make recommendations on the types of companies to do business with and offer you our staff to implement it.

Our team of local or outsourced IT consultants will work on site or remotely to enhance your service offering while keeping a customer service approach both towards your organisation as well as the clients you serve.

Our Services Include:

  • Information and Communications Technology reviews

  • Cloud Technology analysis

  • Budget review

  • Analysis of your software solutions

  • IT Infrastructure design check

  • Analyse the vendors you work with and provide guidance

  • Staff Training

  • Perform Internal Audits

We require no long-term contracts and operate on a Time and Materials basis. If you are unhappy with our service at any time, simply give us a 7-day notice and we will cease all operations. We focus on customer satisfaction.