We Know Clients Are Bombarded With Marketing Services Offering You The World.

They always try to sell you the No. 1 position on Google, right? Or, they make you promise to double or triple your business but what are these promises based on? Are they explaining to you what exactly they will do or do they use vague terms? Being No. 1 on Google is not what matters anymore. What does matter is having a stellar reputation when compared to similar businesses in your target areas.

Many business owners do not realize that customer service, positive reviews, responding to customers publicly, etc is what truly sets businesses apart and drives more clients to your businesses.

We Are Not Just About Marketing, We Are About Relationship Building.

Giving you sound business advice on how to work with your clients, we handle your customer praise and complaints by ensuring your reputation remains at the top, and we then do paid marketing. Why do we go through all this trouble? Because marketing a business that does not have a good reputation means we would be wasting your money.

As for what we charge, we don’t like charging ongoing monthly fees, we will not ask you to sign long-term contracts, and we will certainly not make unreasonable promises. We will evaluate your needs, review your business reputation, and then give you several options to choose from. Ultimately, you decide how much money you want to spend and we move forward with that plan.

We Don’t Mark Up Your Marketing Budget.

We simply charge you for the time it takes us to set things up and if all is going well, you don’t have to pay us again as you pay the advertising channel directly.

Transparency is very important to us, we will keep you informed of every action we take and ask for your permission when needed to take an action that may impact your business. Communication is key here.

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