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Finding the best employee is not as simple as posting a role description on a jobbing website and expecting a flood of qualified candidates the next day. It requires many components that managers either overlook or are not aware exist.

Failing to spend a proper amount of time, effort, and money on this task can be significantly costly during the sourcing, interviewing, hiring, employment, onboarding and eventual replacement phases of the lifecycle. When an employee is missing even a simple component of what makes them perfect, a company risks turnover and as a consequence a financial and time loss.

A good example of the above is a recent hire who had all the skills, education, and personality for the job but quit just after three months. Why did you leave? you ask. She gives you a generic response that you suspect may be disingenuous. What you did not know is that there was nothing wrong with you as a boss or the company, in fact, the environment was great! She simply hated her commute and there was nothing she could do about her lease. Driving to work was nearly impossible and taking public transport was uncomfortable. She took a lesser paying job near her home. The manager did not take this into consideration during the recruitment process and the employee never mentioned that this was a potential issue.

The manager is now tasked with having to spend the time for paying and reposting the job, interviewing a new round of candidates, and going through the training process all over again. Not only this is a major issue in itself, but the manager also has to answer to clients and other overworked staff members who have to pick up the work left behind by a now empty chair, thus putting the bigger picture at risk.

As a manager, you have two options; hire a consulting company that specializes in recruitment and adheres to a high level of attention to detail like TOPIQ Pty Ltd or read on and understand the techniques TOPIQ Pty Ltd uses to hire people for you.

Regardless of which avenue you take, what’s important is that you keep a culture of learning across every step.

In the next article, we will explore creating a list of requirements, qualities, and skills that go into the recruitment lifecycle.